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"WOW, I can now fill my new Sushi restaurant literally 'at will' even one the slow days. I am already getting rave reviews from my customers about my 'Preferred Customer Program'. Sean Kang, Zipangu Sushi, Tempe, AZ

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Google maps - $497


   Google Maps has become the Yellow Pages of the 21st Century.

   Fewer and fewer consumers are using the YellowPages to find local businesses.

   Instead (according to ComScore), 93% of all consumers now go to the internet to search and research for a local business BEFORE they make a purchase decision.

   About 73% of all Google searches now include local geographic search parameters (carpet cleaner San Diego), which means they are looking for a local business.

   Out of these prospects that are searching, 82% actually go to the local store to complete their purchase or they call the business to place an order.

   According to NewsBackBone.com Google generates 34,000 searches per second (2 million per minute; 122 million per hour; 3 billion per day; 88 billion per month).

   That means that 64,240,000,000 (64 BILLION) searches per month or 2,141,333,333 searches per DAY are made for local businesses.

   Can they find YOUR busiprness?

   Would you like to get your fair share of all that Google traffic for YOUR business?

   Now you can. Just get your business listed on Google Places and you too can get more local traffic for your company.

   Even though the registration of your business on Google place is free, you must now compete with all of the other businesses in your local area, or you will be on the 12 or 27 page, where nobody finds you.

   The best investment you can make for your business is to hire Bushido marketing to get you in the top position on Google Places.

   As with everything else that is technology based, getting your business to the top of Google for your local search terms requires specialized knowledge and technical savvy.

   Your website MUST have backlinks, use the correct keywords, you also need to submit pictures/graphics about your business and you need to provide Google Places with a couple of videos (included in our system)

   Our service even comes with an UNHEARD of Money Back GUARANTEE. If your site isn't in the 7-box on the first page on Google, we will refund you your entire investment.

   You have NOTHING to lose and hundreds of customers to gain. Give us a call right now to find out more.

   By the way, we only represent one business per industry per city. Call us Toll Free at 1-855-977-1331


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