Pay Per Call and VoiceDrops (from $10/call)

“How To Get 3-5 New Client
For Your Business
Per Day, Guaranteed”

Try It Before You Buy It!

Our newly released, cutting-edge technology drives more inbound calls to your business. For a limited time you can get these new client calls for as little as $10/call.

The best part — you only pay for REAL calls from pre-qualified customers. PLUS, you can get started with no out of pocket money. We will invoice you for your calls every Sunday for the previous week.

So, you can use the system to make money, before you pay us.

You will receive calls from real customers that are actively looking for your services. With our easy to use, state-of-the-art technology, you have complete control over how and when you receive calls from your IDEAL customer.

IMAGINE, how much more money you could make, if you only pay for pre-qualified calls without paying exorbitant SEO, Pay Per Click or other revenue draining marketing expenses. You can try this proven system with no hidden fees and no set-up costs ($497 savings). Get more details 

Get More Calls. Get More Customers. Make More Money!

Your Ideal Prospect

We find you red-hot clients who are actively searching for your business or services and deliver them to your office at the exact moment they are ready to buy.

Prospect  Targeting

Our innovative technology lets you target more new client calls directly to your office.You can choose when, what type of calls and how many calls you receive.

All you have to do is answer the phone.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Your success IS guaranteed.

Skyrocket Your Income With Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call marketing converts more prospects into paying clients than other type of advertising. You can finally scale your business with virtually no risk or unnecessary marketing expenses.

You only pay for your PERFECT client calls.

Call us at 1-844-331-7600 today or email us to get more info.

 Why choose Bushido Marketing?

Bushido Marketing offers performance based marketing that allows you to easily determine your return on investment. We promise to provide you with exclusive leads. The biggest difference you will find with Bushido Marketing is that we really care about your success.

Performance Based Marketing

After two decades in this business, we’ve learned a lot about what local service providers are looking for in an advertising program. We have also heard quite a few horror stories and complaints our what our clients have experienced with some of our competitors. We’ve used this information and feedback to structure our pay per call platform to provide you with a service that you will absolutely love.

Here is what we have learned that our clients are looking for:

STOP Paying For Bad Leads

The best part about our services is that it allows for total transparency. How so? We record all our calls and have a support staff dedicated to reviewing the calls you find questionable. We don’t use software to determine if a lead is valid because knowing the difference between a valid and an invalid lead requires a human touch. Just let us know which lead you want reviewed and we will take it off your billing once we have confirmed it’s invalid.

Control Over Lead Volume

At Bushido Marketing, you are in control by allowing you to have a customizable budget. This means you get to choose how aggressively you want us to market your company and control your lead volume. You tell us the volume you’d like to see and we’ll work our hardest to meet that expectation. You’re always free to change your strategy and we’ll alter your advertising campaigns to increase or decrease incoming leads based on the needs of your business.

No Hidden Fees

It is true there are a lot marketing companies out there that take advantage of small business that are hungry for more clients. Unlike most other companies, we only charge for the calls we generate for you. Nothing more. Our pay-as-you-go / pay-per-call leads are all displayed live and you can easily see exactly what you paying for at any given time.

NO Upfront Cost

Getting started is super easy and extremely fast, PLUS there are NO set up or upfront fees of any kind, ever.

Exclusive Leads

There’s nothing worse than paying a ton of money for leads that are shared with your competitors. This is why we operate entirely in the background and market you directly to the customer that is looking for your services. The pre-qualified client calls you directly, thus there is no sharing possible.

Cancel Anytime

When you choose Bushido Marketing you won’t be locked into a long term contracts. So you can cancel our services at any time. 

Call us at 760-721-5700 today or email us to get more info.

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